Which Essential Oils Are Safe During Pregnancy?

Which Essential Oils Are Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of those periods in life where you encounter several different signs, but what you can support is very minimal. The use of essential oils is a wonderful choice because they are pure, plant-based, and non-toxic, but you should learn a few things about using essential oils before you start.

What are the most effective oils?

Aromas of toxic resin obtained from plant stems, seeds, bulbs, branches, trees or whole shrubs are essential oils. It allows you to enjoy several everyday benefits and take on responsibility for your own health during and after your pregnancy. Essential oils, of course, cannot be used as a medicinal substitute to complement the treatment you seek from your doctor or relative.

Which Essential Oils Are Safe During Pregnancy?

Essential oils that are safe for maternity use

During my most recent pregnancy I discovered essential oils and used them all for healing, support for the skin, support for immune systems and the biggest emotional support for myself. There are 10 safe essential oil for pregnancy that you can use safely through pregnancy:


Frankincense is a skin help go-to oil during breastfeeding. Skin may often break out during breastfeeding and breast feeding, but it can be incredibly helpful with only one drop of frankincense in your palm combined with moisturizers both morning and night. Frankincense is also excellent for calming feelings which can help relieve maternity which conception issues.


Lavender is the master in all trade in essential oil which can be used during breastfeeding for other items SO. It’s nice to rest and cool and to help sleep. Only scatter it with Frankincense at night or curl it before bed on your wrists. It’s also perfect in the summer months when mosquitoes are itching and when you don’t want to put any chemicals on your hands. You can also find plenty of wonderful Lavender applications until a baby arrives. Most new moms are using lavender to make a home-made diaper balm and spread it with a blend called the Gentle Child. When you never tasted Young Living Lavender, you’re out! This is much more effective than any other company.


Digestion issues during breastfeeding are very popular and Digize is a perfect cure for this. Make a roller with Digize and use it anytime you get sick in the morning during your first trimester. Some women also use it in the third quarter to relieve the acidity in their esophagus. Rolling is all about you, like your neck and arms. This is not one of the most desirable oils that smell good, however the job can be completed.

Tea Tree (Alternifolia Melaleuca)

Tea Tree is a great oil for helping the skin, particularly in some areas such as blemishes and irritations. You may use Tea Tree (after your Frankincense hydrating routine) at any location where extra help needs to be offered.Which Essential Oils Are Safe During Pregnancy?

Sugar. Sugar

Like other citrus oils, essential lemon oil is really uplifting and can be applied to the diffuser anytime you need this extra boost. Test your water with Lemon (and Citrus Fresh). Young Living essential oils are healthy to drink, and even a single reduction in your urine will greatly improve the regular consumption of liquids, which is particularly helpful during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


The basic cedarwood oil is perfect to help sleep and relieve anxious anxiety (almost when you can’t sleep at night when you’re worrying about everything!). Place it right before bed on the edge of your foot. This can be rolled on without being filtered or a roller ball with 25 drops of cedarwood can be made and filled with a carrier oil, either cocoa oil or jojoba oil.


Thieves Oil is a common mixture to help the immune system, and often you just need extra boost during pregnancy. Clove, Lime, Cinnamon bark, Eucalyptus Radiata and Rosemary are included in Thieves. Several of these oils should be used safely and cautiously during breastfeeding. Be sure you dilute Thieves and use them occasionally instead of regular. Thieves is also a great support for the immune system. Use a 10ml roller with only 10 drops of the essential oil and chocolate oil from Criminals and spread it on the foot and back of your foot anytime you find like you need an immune boost.


Peppermint essential oil has so many wonderful applications, including tasting sensitivities. You should open the bottle and smell or scatter it along with citrus fruits such as lemon or peach. Seek to cool you off in the morning. If you were ever pregnant in the summer, you know how tough it can often be to cool off, and behind your ears a drop of peppermint and lavender can be really cool.

Peppermint is also perfect for pain, and a roller of 10 drops of peppermint, 10 drops of lavender and 10 drops of Frankincense is also referred to as the “hangover roller.” Note: Many women tend to stop peppermint late in pregnancy because it could be used to minimize the volume of milk, but I used it actually until the end and had a lot of milk. Using your own judgment and contact the healthcare professional.


Two different types of camomile exist, and are both wonderful and used for various purposes. Roman chamomile is highly sleepy and spicy, and German chamomile is good after birth for the use of stretched bodies. Most people use German chamomile on their perineum before and after birth. It’s in my secret organic diaper cake recipe, too.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is a very rare and exceptionally fragrant and soothing mineral oil. For emotional support during and after breastfeeding it’s incredibly soothing and a perfect wax. This is also present in the formulation called Gentle Baby, one of my favorite essential oil mixtures for breastfeeding and infants.