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Start Here

Welcome to the Wellness Angel!

My goal for this site is to help YOU. When I began my journey towards health, I had nobody holding my hand, telling me what I needed to do to live a more vibrant life. I had heard little about food allergies, let alone how to cook and live with them. I didn’t know about omega-3’s, yoga, or kale. I thought a balanced lunch was a turkey and cheese on wheat, a sugary granola bar, and a yogurt. I had a lot to learn. While I will focus mostly on a gluten-free/soy-free vegan lifestyle, I believe anyone who cares about living a better life could find something meaningful here.

Now, I know that there are many people that WANT to live a healthier life, but are lost like I was. Where to begin?

Here. At this site.

I will share with you everything that I know. I’m just a regular girl, adapted to the life that I was given and the life I want to live. I have always loved the “thrill of the hunt,” so be assured that what I will tell you has been researched to the best of my abilities, and I will share the best information that I have.

To best serve, I’m breaking this up into 3 “pillars of wellness”:

Eat Well: Recipes and Nutrition

Live Well: Exercise and Health

Be Well: Inspiration and Mental Wellness

I believe these best encompass overall wellness and together are the components to a life well lived, so check back in with me often!