Being in the NOW

I love Pixar films. The stories are good, the animation is great, and there are always a few life lessons. Here we have another quote from one such film: The Incredibles. If you haven’t seen it, the woman pictured here is the costume designer for the family depicted in the film, and her name isRead More


Dietary Fat

Let me just start by busting common thought: FAT ISN’T THE ENEMY. It isn’t inherently bad. Contrary to what you think, fat doesn’t make you fat. The key here is to just eat the right kind. For the most part, fat coming from plant sources is better for you than those coming from animal sources. However,Read More



There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding sweeteners, both natural and otherwise. With all the options currently available and new ones showing up on our shelves each year, it can be hard to keep up. Mass media probably doesn’t help the issue either. However, this is a topic I’ve spent some time with.Read More